Lattice Semiconductor fileds ECP5-5G FPGAs for communications and industrial markets
Lattice Semiconductor fileds ECP5-5G FPGAs for communications and industrial markets
  • David Jin
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(iTers News) - Lattice Semiconductor Corporation unveiled its new ECP5-5G-based IP and solutions to the industry.

The rollout is part of the chip maker effort to introduce cost- and power-efficient optimized IP cores which comes in small, compact form factor, to industrial and communications market.


The new solution enables seamless connectivity to ASICs and ASSPs in a wide array of applications including small cells, low-end routers, backhaul, low-power radios, cameras, machine vision and gaming platforms.

It also has been optimized to provide the lowest cost, power consumption, and form factor solution for 5G SERDES applications.

These devices support multiple 5G SERDES protocols including Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) Express 2.0, Common Public Radio Interference (CPRI) and the JESD204B serial interface.

The ECP5-5G devices are complemented with a portfolio of new development kits, soft IP, demos, and updated design software.

The ECP5-5G Versa Kit, Lattice Diamond software and Connectivity IP suite are currently on sale, each available for US$99 as part of a limited time promotion.

“With 5G SERDES connectivity, Lattice’s new ECP5-5G family is an ideal solution to address applications where quick time to market, small form factor and cost-effectiveness are critical,” said Deepak Boppana, director of product marketing at Lattice Semiconductor. “In addition, by offering promotional pricing on the development kits, IP suite, and design software, we’re giving our customers increased access – at an affordable price point – to the technology they rely on for the development of a wide array of industrial and communications solutions.”

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