Sony to produce OLED TVs, rallying a weight behind LG's OLED ecosystem
Sony to produce OLED TVs, rallying a weight behind LG's OLED ecosystem
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(iTers News) -Sony is in talks with LG Display to purchase organic light-emitting diode, or OLED display panel from the Korean display maker to produce OLED TVs starting from 2017.

Other specific details are unavailable, but the deal will likely become a win-win alliance that would mutually benefit the two companies.

Sony 65-inch LED TV is just 4.9mm thin

One of the world’s top 3 premium TV manufacturers in the world, Sony has a compelling reason to turn to OLED technology, as low-cost Chinese TV makers like TCL are eroding its market position in the premium LCD TV market.

Meanwhile, the deal will be of great help to LG Display’s effort to expand its OLED ecosystem

LG Display is fiercely competing with its rival Samsung Display in a standard-setting war for a next generation TV screen technology. .

LG is rallying a force behind OLED screen technology, while Samsung is championing quantum dot LCD technology, as the TV industry is struggling to find a new breed of TV screen technology in a hope that it would pump up new vigor in long dormant TV market.

By lining up world’s third largest premium TV brand Sony behind the OLED ecosystem, LG will likely have a greater chance to outmaneuver market leader Samsung.

Currently, Samsung is taking 48.4% share of premium TV market, while LG and Sony is taking 28.3% and 13.6%.

Sony will be showcasing its OLED TV line-up at CES 2017 to be held in Las Vegas, U.S in early January.

LG Display

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