Two long-time rivals sit on same couch for different potatoes
Two long-time rivals sit on same couch for different potatoes
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Samsung Electronics has allied with its longtime rival Apple Inc. to give its smart TV users more choices of entertainment contents- a move to keep them more loyal to Samsung brand.


The two rivalries in global smart phone markets said on Jan. 7 that they have teamed up to make each of their key product offerings –Samsung’s smart TV line and Apple’s iTunes and AirPlay2- interoperable with each other.


Under the partnership, Samsung’ smart TV users can search a rich library of movies and TV soap opera programs at Apple’s iTunes store, then purchase, and watch their choices on Samsung’s wider 4K TV screens.

The team-up also calls for Samsung to support AirPlay 2 to allow it smart TV users to download and stream video clips, photos, and music albums from a variety of iOS-based devices and then watch them on Samsung TV screens.


All Samsung TV users have to do is just to download iTunes apps and AirPlay2 apps to their TVs and click it open to get access to the sites.


The win-win synergy effect was a good fit for the alliance.


Under the partnership, Samsung Electronics will stand a chance to lure Apple’s tech-savvy iPhone enthusiasts to look to Samsung’s smart TV lines for their next purchase. 


For Apple, it can serve as one more revenue stream, as Samsung TV users thoroughly scour Apple’s iTunes online shops to query, buy and download movie and soap operas as well music albums.


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