LG breaks new grounds for developing large-size transparent and flexible OLED panel
LG breaks new grounds for developing large-size transparent and flexible OLED panel
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(iTers News) -LG Display has achieved two important technology milestones in its quest for large-size rollable and flexible display panel.

The Korean display panel maker said today that it has developed a 18-inch flexible OLED panel as well as a 18 inch transparent OLED panel of the same diagonal size simultaneously in what it said is the world’s first ever of its kind.

The two technology breakthroughs are parts of LG’s research projects to develop a large-size flexible and transparent OLED display panel.

Coming packed with about 1 million pixels, the 18-inch flexible OLED display sports HD resolution of 120 x 810p.

More surprisingly, the display panel is flexible enough to be bended to from a circle with a radius of 3 centimeters boasting a 30R in its radius of curvature.


The radius of curvature is a measure of how much a display screen can be curved with no hiccup in the operation. 

To make it as flexible as it is, LG make great innovations in TFT backplane materials using a sheet of polyimide film as a basic substrate to etch a matrix of thin film transistors and deposit a grid of OLED cells on top of it.          


In doing so, it could not only shrink the thickness of the display, but also make it so flexible that it can be rolled as a circle of a 3cm radius.

The conventional OLED screen is typically built on a glass substrate Panel makers first etch rows and columns of thin film transistors, or TFTs on a glass substrate in what’s called TFT backplane, a matrix of TFTs that switch on and off pixels.

Coming stacked on top of that are a grid of OLED cells.

The 18-inch transparent OLED sports a HD resolution, too but was built with a transparent pixel-making technology.

The pixel is the most basic element of a picture, consisting of three sub-pixels of RGB (red, green and blue colors).

More surprisingly, its haze was reduced to 2%, because LG built it with more transparent TFT and film material






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