Skyworth topped again in the ranking list of color TV for 2013
Skyworth topped again in the ranking list of color TV for 2013
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(iTers News) - Recently, the sales data of color TV industry in 2013 was unveiled by AVC. According to the data, the market share of six industrial giants led by Skyworth reached 78.2%, the market share of joint venture brands reached 13% while the market share of Internet-based new-comers which had stirred a sensation at the beginning of 2013 was very small.

According to the data of 2013 unveiled by AVC, in 2013 the total retail volume of Chinese color TV market was 47.81 million sets, up 12.7%, among which LCD TV occupied a proportion of over 95%. The sale volume of Skyworth color TV was 8.12 million sets, with a market share as high as 17.0%. It took the first place in sale volume of color TV once again and became the first brand to break the threshold of 8 million sets in sale volume in annual domestic market in the history of color TV. Thus far, Skyworth has taken the first place in sale volume of color TV for 8 years in succession to take the lead in the industry. Hisense was ranked No.2 for a share of 15.6% while TCL, Changhong and Konka ranked among the top 5 with a share of 14.3%, 13.9% and 12.1% respectively.

Meanwhile, the data indicates that in 2013 the sale volume of 4K TV reached 1 million sets, with a market penetration rate of 4%, with a big potential for market growth. It's predicted that 2014 will witness explosive growth of 4K products; the demand for smart TV is also increasing, with the market penetration rate reaching 48%, which is higher than that for 3D TV, with a total sale volume of 20.25 million sets, up 86.2% year on year. The popularization of 4G technology has made the network more convenient and smooth, which has paved a solid foundation in network connection for the further development of smart TV.

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