LG Display showcases a 47-inch see-through LCD panel
LG Display showcases a 47-inch see-through LCD panel
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(iTers News) - Here come breakthrough display panel technologies from LG Display. The Korean display maker is showcasing 16 innovative display panels at KES 2013 trade show than is to run from today through Oct. 10 at Kintex exhibition center in the city of Goyang.

They include a 55-inch curved OLED TV, a 47-inch transparent LCD display, a 4.5-inch 3D glass-free display panel and a 55-inch 3D glass-free HD LCD panel, to name just four.

The display panel maker also lines up a variety size of 4K ultra-HD display panels for use in a wide range of applications from smart phones to tablet PCs to notebook PCs to monitors to TV.

Narrow bezel monitors and large 3D video wall displays are also catching eyes, featuring near-zero bezels. The 3D video wall’s bezel is just 3.6mm thin, for example.

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