LG Display unveils 5-inch flexible, plastic OLED panel
LG Display unveils 5-inch flexible, plastic OLED panel
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(iTers News) - LG Display unveiled an array of new groundbreaking display technologies at SID Display Week 2013, an annualized trade show for display technologies that runs from May 19 through May 24.

Spotlighting its exhibits are a 55-inch WRGB OLED TV, a 55-inch curved OLED TV, a 5-inch plastic flexible OLED panel for smart phones. The display maker also showcased a next generation of oxide TFT backplane technology, a matrix of thin film transistors that switch on and off liquid crystal cells.

Other highlights include a high color-representation 47-inch transparent LCD panel for refrigerators, a high-bright and high color-gamut 12.3-inch full-HD automotive dashboard LCD panel, and a 24-inch Adobe RGB monitor panel, a 23.8-inch ultra high-definition panels for monitors and a 14-inch quadruple HD (2,650x1,440) for laptops. 

5-inch flexible OLED panel


Fabricated on a plastic substrate, the 5-inch flexible OLED is unbreakable, boasting 1.0mm bezel.

Oxide TFT backplane


LG has built a 5-inch HD LCD and a 7-inch HD LCD on the next generation of oxide TFT backplane that has a grid of oxide thin film transistors deposited on a glass substrate.  For use in smart phones, the 5-inch oxide TFT-LCD panel boasts near-zero bezel, coming just 1.0mm bezel.

The 7-inch HD oxide LCD panel is for use in tablet PCs, coming equipped with a built-in in-cell touch system.

Compared with traditional amorphous TFT backplane, the oxide TFT counterpart consumes less power, boasts faster electron mobility and pack more of transistors, which translate into more of pixels in a given screen space.                    

(7-inch oxide TFT LCD panel)

Ultra HD, o4 4K LCD

After it became the first company in the world to build and sell 84-inch 4K UHD LCD panel, LG extended its technology leadership into small and medium size panels. The company showcased a 23.8-inch 4K UHD panel for monitors. Its 7-inch full-HD LCD panel for tablet PCs is also catching eyes, boasting a pixel density of more than 300ppi.

Near-zero, borderless bezels

LG also spotlighted an array of near-zero bezel displays including a 13.3-inch full HD LCD Neo Edge panels with 1.5mm bezel and a 23.8-inch full HD LCD Neo Blade with 3.5mm bezel and a 55-inch LCD panel with 5.3mm bezel

47-inch transparent LCD panel


The 47-inch transparent LCD panel has the same color gamut of a normal HD TV, which represents 72% of NTSC, while boasting a 155 transparency.

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