TriQuint to release a 25W GaN solution
TriQuint to release a 25W GaN solution
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(iTers News) - TriQuint experts will present new R&D findings at the annual GOMACTech conference and exhibit in Las Vegas, March 11-14.

TriQuint will release a 25W GaN solution -  TGA2579-FL-  which delivers 30% PAE for Ku-and applications; its innovative packaging allows operation on both sides of multi-layer PC boards.

TriQuint's new TGM2543-SM integrates a limiter and a top-performing LNA for 4-20 GHz communications and defense applications.

TriQuint will also celebrate its third consecutive CS Industry Award for GaN R&D; the 2013 award highlights new GaN-on-diamond wafers produced in a DARPA-funded program; their advanced thermal management enables RF devices up to three times smaller than today's products.

TriQuint's design-ready GaN solutions are complemented by a full range of post-processing, packaging, test and foundry services.

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