Maxonrow partners with National Chiao Tung University
Maxonrow partners with National Chiao Tung University
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Collaboratively establishes research center for technological breakthrough discovery works

HSINCHU, Dec. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Blockchain tech startup company Maxonrow and Taiwan's leading university National Chiao Tung University jointly established the "Technology Management and Blockchain Research Center" which is dedicated towards the development of blockchain technology applications, promote cross-domain integrated application systems, and contribute to the development of blockchain-industry ecosystem alliance. The inauguration ceremony of research center was held recently on 24th November, 2020.

The "Technology Management and Blockchain Research Center" which was founded by National Chiao Tung University's Institute of Technology Management Professor Grace Lin and Maxonrow Taiwan Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Don Hsieh. The former is positioned as director of the research center, whereas the latter is taking on technical director role.

In addition, the research center successfully collaborated with many public sector organizations, academic units and well-known corporations, including Chunghwa Telecom, General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China, Taiwan Blockchain Alliance, Hsinchu City Government, and Industrial Technology Research Institute — the very initial collaboration that has received firm support from political, business and academic circle.

At present, Taiwan is at a crucial moment for the approval of STO virtual securities financial regulations. Also, the domestic demand for blockchain technology on commercial applications is gradually sprouting and expanding. National Chiao Tung University is well-known for its science and engineering, which comprises of leading academicians and conducive research atmosphere, has occupied the global leading position in electronics, information communications, optoelectronics and many other relevant fields.

By collaborating with blockchain tech startup company Maxonrow, which has leading advantages of being highly familiar with blockchain and matured True Asset Issuing (TAI) technology, the research center aims to focus on:

  • Medical biotechnology industry
  • Agricultural and fishery production along with its sales record management
  • FinTech applications
  • Smart logistics and cold chain
  • Smart Factory Industry 4.0
  • Renewable energy management
  • Enterprise information security certificate software

With the evolution of blockchain technology, rapid adaptation and successful transformation has became a key factor in today's organizations. The research center aims to assist organizations in seeking a compatible future development, and building a highly interactive ecosystem alliance between industry experts and academic achievers. The "Technology Management and Blockchain Research Centre" is looking forward to realizing the true potential of blockchain applications by introducing cutting-edge technology in near future.

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About Maxonrow Ltd ("Maxonrow")

Maxonrow is a leading technology company committed to building a safe and efficient digital world. The company develops an array of products and services powered by blockchain technology, focusing on increasing security and efficiency in digital processes, including DMS (document management system), tokenization services (FT & NFT) and digital identity wallet solutions. Maxonrow works proactively with global regulators and governments to build a healthy ecosystem for new technologies to flourish. With Maxonrow, companies can enjoy all the benefits blockchain offers without sacrificing regulatory oversight.

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