Samsung Display rallies global TV makers behind its curved display technology
Samsung Display rallies global TV makers behind its curved display technology
  • David Jin
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(iTers News) - Samsung Display Co., Ltd plans to rally global TV and panel makers behind its curved display technology to further expand its ecosystem.

The display maker had once set its sight on OLED TV but has yet to commercialize them. As the result, the company is now looking to curved display TV markets. Samsung’s new emphasis on curved TVs represents its counterattack to keep in check rival LG Display’s expansion of the OLED ecosystems. LG has been luring Chinese TV makers to join its OLED panel ecosystem.


Samsung Display said it has held curved display technology conference ‘Curved Forum’ with members of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, or CECI to further cooperate and join forces in enlarging Chinese curved display market.

At the forum, Samsung Display demonstrated the excellence of its curved display technology and asked 10 big TV and panel makers like Samsung Electronics, Hisense, TCL, Changhong, Xiaomi, and LeTv to join its effort to expand curved TV ecosystem.

CECI office said “As more Chinese TV makers choose curved display to build their premium TVs, more products will be available to Chinese consumers. This will eventually trigger boost demand boom as buyers have wider choices of products."


The more players join the the ecosystem, the more likely the ecosystem will mature and give more chances for cost cutting across the whole spectrum of the manufacturing pyramid, as it helps standardize manufacturing equipment and raw materials.The cost cutting will in turn help lower TV prices, which will eventually boost demand.

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