Samsung scores first design win of automotive-grade V9 SoC solution
Samsung scores first design win of automotive-grade V9 SoC solution
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Samsung Electronics scores its first design win in the years-long attempt to supply automotive-grade SoC chips, laying the foundation for its foray into automotive chip market.


The world’s second largest semiconductor chip maker said that it has signed a deal with Audi to supply Exynos Auto V9 SoC chip to power Audi’s IVI or in-vehicle infotainment system.


The IVI is a next generation of car infotainment system that not only works its way as a car navigation system, but also a car dashboard instrumental cluster and entertainment hub for displaying movie titles and music albums.


Fabricated with a leading-edge 8nm design circuitry technology, the octa-core V9 SoC comes built with 8 ARM Cortex-A76 CPU cores, ARM Mali G76 GPU, premium HiFi audio DSP, NPUs, and a safety island core.

The safety island core supports Automotive Safety Integrity Level(ASIL)-B standards. The processor also supports fast and power-efficient LPDDR4 and LPDDR5 DRAM chips.


What’s most characteristic of the V9 SoC is its outstanding video streaming capability that can capture moving images from 12 cameras and then stream the across 6 display screens.


Its built-in ARM Mali GPU cores are mainly responsible for performing that data-intensive daunting task, seamlessly supporting multiple systems like cluster displays, central information displays, and rear-seat entertainment simultaneously.


The V9 SoC’s built-in HiFi audio processor plays its own part in delivering intuitive multimedia experiences with its vivid and realistic sounds.


Technology innovations don’t stop there. Its embedded safety island guarantees real-time protection for system operations, satisfying ASIL-B requirements. 


Coming equipped with NPU, or neural processing unit, it can also intelligently manage a safe and personalized driving environment, as the NPU can process visual and audio data at a lightning speed to empower such intuitive features like facial, speech, and gesture recognition.

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